The balance of form and function

At FORM, we believe building a well‐designed home and grounds is art. Our mission is to build artful custom homes. Each home should embody the interests and personality of its owners. We strive to create works of art, with purity of design, and quality construction without compromising the integrity of either. By creating artful spaces, we are revisiting the composition of living. We create the right balance of function and form. Our balanced approach of heavy design and efficient cutting‐edge applications allows us to provide our clients with an unmatched home and grounds that are unique to them, their needs, and their personalities. Being both the designer and builder allows FORM to keep an open dialog between the contractors and designers throughout the life of a project. This ensures a seamless process resulting in a superior home that meets the needs and desires of our clients.

A home built by FORM is something unique to you. A FORM home speaks to who you are and is a living piece of art. Your home is something that should suit your functional needs. We ensure that your home is custom designed to meet those needs. We can also design and build any style home. As a team, we will work together with you to select a style that is appropriate for you and the land you build on. We will help you decide on which design you desire, whether it be Modern, Rustic, Craftsman, Colonial, Adirondack, Victorian, Farmhouse, or Mid‐century, etc. There are other good builders out there, but if you want a superior home and grounds with a truly custom design, a home built to the highest level of quality, then FORM is who you will select as your builder. FORM is a builder who guides you through the project and is attentive to your design and budget needs.

Design Phase

  • Collaborative Charettes (drawings)
  • Architect/Engineer selection
  • Conceptual design
  • Data collection & surveys
  • Design development
  • Selections
  • Estimating

Pre-construction Phase

  • Project scheduling
  • Cost estimate
  • Permits & approvals
  • Selection confirmation/alternatives
  • Construction planning

Construction Phase

  • Site oversight and scheduling
  • Project documentation
  • Consistent project communication
  • Regular invoicing and client coordination
  • Project quality control
  • Punchlist item completion
  • Project cleanup

Post-Construction Phase

  • Home operations review
  • O&M manual (appliances etc.)
  • 1-year follow-up